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””””Specifications of garlic granules produced by Hebei Gucheng Food Co.,Ltd are listed below:
8-16 screen holes garlic granules,
16-26 screen holes garlic granules,
26-40 screen holes garlic granules,
40-60 screen holes garlic granules,
40-80 screen holes garlic granules,
100-120 screen holes garlic granules
Other specifications are acceptable by the pre-order. The products mentioned above are made of fine garlic through skin removed, washed,dried, selected, grinded to granules and packed. garlic granules of Gucheng looks a light yellow and fresh without black pots. Moisture content is lower than 6%. Sulfur content is lower than 50PPM. There is no pesticide remained. Microorganism is tested within standards. No food additives and Antiseptics are there in the products and quality gurantee period is long.
Package: in cartons and Aluminum foil bags. 12.5KG/bag each, 25KG in one carton. Packing as demanded is also acceptable. Our garlic granules is tested by CCIB and is in accordance with or super of the standards. We warmly invite you for the cooperation on business and take orders from food companies, condiment companies and import-export companies.

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